Anadolu Hisarı

Historical Places of Turkey – Anadolu Hisarı / İstanbul
Anadoluhisari is a fortress located in Istanbul, Turkey on the Anatolian (Asian) side of the Bosporus giving the name of the quarter around it. It was built in 1394 by Ottoman sultan Bayezid “The Thunderbolt” in order to prepare to lay siege at Constantinople.

Anadoluhisari, constructed on an area of 7,000 m², is situated at the narrowest point with 660 m of the Bosporus strait and next to a creek named Göksu (ancient name: Aretos). The Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge, the second bridge spanning Bosporus, is located just north of the fortress. Another fortress, Rumelihisari, was built in 1451 by Sultan Mehmed II opposite of Anadoluhisari on the European side to complete absolute control over the ship passage in the strait. Continue reading Anadolu Hisarı

Orontes River

Historical Places of Turkey – Orontes River / Hatay
Turkish antakya, populous city of ancient Syria, since 1939 the chief town of the il (province) of Hatay in southern Turkey, near the mouth of the Orontes River (Turkish Asi Nehri). It was founded in 300 BC by the Greeks and was the centre of the Seleucid Kingdom until 64 BC, when the Romans made it the capital of their province of Syria. The city was one of the earliest centres of Christianity, serving as the headquarters of the missionary St. Paul in about AD 47-55. Antioch prospered in the 4th and 5th centuries from nearby olive plantations and in the 6th century developed a silk industry. That century also brought a series of earthquakes and fires.

Antioch was captured temporarily by the Persians in 540 and 611 and was absorbed into the Arab caliphate in 637. Under the Arabs, it shrank to the status of a small town. Continue reading Orontes River


Historical Places of Turkey- Pamukkale / Denizli
Pamukkale is known as 8th wonder of the world by Turkish people, The water (35 C) which is flowing down the cliff of Pamukkale has turned the area into as white as cotton color, and carved this fantastic formation of stalactites and basins. It is the largest and finest example of elaborate calcium formation, which dominates the landscape miles around.


Historical Places of Turkey – Saklıkent / Antalya
Saklikent is 50km west of the centre of Antalya, in the Beydag mountain range, with an altitude of 2550m. Because of its close proximity to Antalya, it is one of the few places in the world that people can ski in the mornings, then swim in the sea in the afternoon.

Arrival: The resort can be reached from the centre of Antalya by bus, taxi or a hotel service vehicle in one hour.
Geography: The altitude for the skiing areas is between 2000-2400m, with a snow depth between 0.5-1m and a short season.
Facilities: There is a pension with 14 beds, a restaurant, café and local coffee-houses. There are two T-bars, and two ski runs at easy/moderate level.


Historical Places of Turkey – Olympos / Antalya
Though a very ancient city nearby Antalya, in the Mediterranean coast of Anatolia, the early history of Olympus is shrouded in mystery. We know it was an important Lycian city by the 2nd century B.C., and that the Olympians worshipped Hephaestos (Vulcan), the god of fire. No doubt this veneration sprang from reverence for the mysterious Chimeira, an eternal flame which still springs from the earth not far from the city. The town declined in the 1st century B.C. until the arrival of the Romans in the 2nd century A.D. In the 3rd century pirate attacks brought impoverishment. In the Middle Ages, Venetians, Genoese and Rhodians built fortresses along the coast, but, by the 15th century Olympus had been abandoned.
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Historical Places of Turkey – Aspendos / Antalya
Aspendos nearby Antalya is famous for its best-preserved theater of antiquity built in the 2nd c. AD with a capacity of 15,000 people. Still used today for performances and festivals, the theater’s galleries, stage decorations and acoustics all testify to its architect Xenon’s success. Next to the stage there is a small room which is used as a small museum where you can see some of the masks and clay tickets. Nearby stand the remains of a basilica, agora and one of the largest aqueducts in Anatolia. Here you can visit also the acropolis of the city with a great view of the river. Continue reading Aspendos

Atakule Tower

Historical Places of Turkey – Atakule Tower / Ankara
Atakule Tower is a 125 m. high communications and observation tower in Ankara, Turkey, built in 1989. The top section of the tower houses a revolving restaurant. The bottom structures house a shopping mall and several indoor and outdoor restaurants.

Ankara Castle

Historical Places of Turkey- Ankara Castle / Ankara
The castle, which has guarded the city for centuries, is now a symbol of Ankara and its history is as old as the city itself. Although it is not exactly known when the castle was built, it is commonly believed to have been built by the Romans, then repaired and expanded by the Selcuks. It towers 110 meters above Bentdere Creek (Hatip Creek) which runs along its base.

There are two parts, an inner and an outer castle, with over 20 towers. The outer castle encloses the old city of Ankara within its heart-shaped walls. The four-level inner castle is made partly of Ankara stone and partly of stones gathered from other structures. The two large gates of the inner castle are called the Outer Continue reading Ankara Castle